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10 Things I’ve Learned

April 15, 2020

In this installment of “10 Things I’ve Learned”, we’re going to hear from Hannah Wilson about what she’s learned as an interior designer. Take it away, Hannah!

1. I’ve learned a lot about the entire process that it takes to create a complete project – client meetings, schematic design, design development, construction documents, bidding, construction administration. etc
2. I’ve learned what VE (valued engineered) means.
3. I’ve learned what it means to work on a large team (The Power of Plus).
4. I’ve learned a lot about the production process of materials and products such as carpet tile, vct, porcelain tile, lvt, furniture, etc.
5. I’ve learned how to coordinate large furniture installs with multiple products and pieces and how the initial bid process for furniture works.
6. I’ve learned a lot about mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (still learning).
7. I’ve learned new tips and tricks that help me work faster in Revit.
8. I’ve learned how to draw millwork details.
9. I’ve learned the correct sheet order for a construction document set.  
10. I’ve learned that listening to the client is key!


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