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10 Things I’ve Learned

March 17, 2020

We are all in the process of learning about new things right now so we are taking this opportunity to tell you about some of the things we’ve been learning. In this “10 Things I’ve Learned” series, we will hear from different¬†CDFL employees about things they have learned.¬†Today Joshua Johnson is telling us about 10 things he’s learned as an intern architect.

1. I’ve learned that all projects are important, and it’s important to be able to determine which project needs more attention than others to meet deadlines on time.
2. I’ve learned to create a mindset for growth. Always listening and continuing to learn from my peers and not afraid to ask questions.
3. I’ve learned how to make quick educated decisions on projects when it counts.
4. I’ve learned the difference between what can be built vs conceptual ideas that may pose a good idea in theory but not buildable in the real world.
5. I’ve learned how to successfully model a structural building in Revit, but being able to use that model to produce details, renderings, and buildable documents from that model is key.
6. I’ve learned how to have a clear workflow in Revit in order to stay organized when working on projects.
7. I’ve learned how to use Revit shortcut keys in order to produce work faster.
8. I’ve learned more architectural terminology that I continue to use to build my vocabulary.
9. I’ve not only learned how to properly draw details in Revit but also understand why certain details are designed and built-in that particular fashion.
10. I’ve learned many things from my peers: information, skills, and the list goes on, but one thing I learned the most is how to continue to be a better professional by carrying myself professionally.


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