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Interior Design Trends

July 31, 2013


This blog post was written by Katie Jo Collins, one of our talented interior designers.

Gone are the days of closed-in, dark perimeter offices and cavernously high workstation panels.

One of the most refreshing changes in workplace design in the last ten years is the concept of perimeter open office layout; a tried and true concept we are finally seeing make its way to the Deep South.

This concept takes support areas that don’t need natural light – workrooms, restrooms, file rooms, and storage spots – and combines them into a centrally located core. Private offices are moved to the interior and given a glass front to allow for better vision and natural light. What we’re left with is a glorious, light-filled perimeter space! Areas that are normally blocked in by the looming walls of lined up perimeter offices can be repurposed as break rooms with a view or a glass front conference rooms – areas where collaboration comes freely and naturally. This, coupled with the workplace trend of lowering workstation walls to desk height (one of my favorite trends), cultivates and awakens a work environment where idea pinging, quick information exchange, and creativity flow amongst employees is the norm. I can just hear the bustling of everyday business now!

Open Office.18

The perimeter open office movement has many other advantages – not only to employees, but to owners and employers as well.

Open Office Picture

This survey by Ethisphere Institute, a leading international think tank dedicated to the advancement of best practices in business, says companies that adopt the open office concept increase space utilization, employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Additionally, this layout plays a role in LEED accreditation – the more people with an outdoor view, the more points gained toward accreditation.

So open those blinds, take down those walls, and stay in the sunshine! It’s good for you, your colleagues, and your business.