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Meet the Team: Chris Myers

November 26, 2013

Each week we’ll introduce a member of the CDFL team, or as we like to think of ourselves, the “us” in the Power of Plus. This week we are proud to introduce architect Chris Myers.

How long have you worked for CDFL?
I started at CDFL immediately after graduating in May of 2001. Other than working a one-year stint at another firm, I’ve been with CDFL my entire career – 12 years in 2014.

What do you do at CDFL?
On my business card, it simply says “Architect” and as is the case with many professions, that one word title doesn’t do the many facets of the job justice. Mostly, I’m a project manager who takes projects from early design through construction. The process varies depending on project type and the client. In addition to that, I’m heavily involved in CDFL’s online marketing efforts, including the Meet the Team feature you are currently reading!

What exciting thing are you working on right now?
Last Thursday at our neighborhood’s holiday open house, Fondren Unwrapped, we successfully illuminated the steel towers of the energy substation with help from Entergy and Davaine Lighting. We referred to the project as Look Up, Fondren. It’s an idea that has been in my head for some time, and it was nice to see it come to fruition. Even though this installation was temporary, we hope to make it permanent in the near future.

What is the best thing about working at CDFL?
The people, the history, and location.

What do you spend the most time doing outside of work?
A lot of my time is spent on projects around our house in Fondren. As with any older home, the to-do list is very long. This time of year, it mainly involves raking leaves and cleaning gutters.

When I’m not working around the house, I’m working in some way with one of the two organizations on whose boards I sit, Our Fondren Neighborhood Association and The Mississippi Heritage Trust. Keeping those organizations going requires a lot of steady work.

I also love to plan events and get people together. So when I’m not working on one of the above, I’m planning a backyard BBQ competition, helping a friend with one of their projects, cooking dinner with friends, or just having a drink at a local watering hole.

I do not like to sit still for very long.

What’s the last movie you saw?
This weekend, we saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It was as good as, if not better than, the first movie and a great adaptation of the book. Two thumbs up. Prior to that, it was 12 Years A Slave – also a great movie, but obviously with a more serious subject matter. That one gets two thumbs up, too.

What is your favorite lunch spot in the neighborhood?
High Noon Cafe and Basil’s are my two favorite places to grab a quick healthy lunch. I’ve recently discovered the magic of Miso’s soup and stir-fry selections as well. It doesn’t hurt that the wok bar is directly below my cubicle.

What’s your favorite TV show?
There are so many great TV shows on right now. I love a good serial drama like Lost, Homeland, Orange is the New Black, Mad Men, Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad. They’re all excellent. I also love a great sitcom. The New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, and Happy Endings (recently cancelled) are a few of my favorites.