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Meet the Team: Clark Wells

December 3, 2013


Each week we’ll introduce a member of the CDFL team, or as we like to think of ourselves, the “us” in the Power of Plus. This week we are proud to introduce landscape architect Clark Wells.

What unique attributes do you bring to the CDFL team?
I think my ability and desire to learn new things quickly and effectively makes me an asset to the team. Things are always changing and evolving in the design field – new software is always being released and the opportunity of working on and developing new types of projects is always being realized. I think the ability to learn new things and to navigate uncharted waters is an important tool in this field.

What do you do at CDFL?
My title is “Landscape Architect” but my role is a little more diverse than that. Since we are a firm with 40+ architects and engineers on staff and just a couple of site/landscape guys, we have a lot of projects come through the door. It is my responsibility to handle all site-related phases of a project – beginning with the presentation and proposal phase of a project. I then work on development, contract documents, and coordination with the architects, land surveyors, and the structural, geo technical, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers. I also work on landscape planting plans and LEED site documentation.

What exciting thing are you working on right now?
I just finished working on a proposal for a military complex at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. The proposal included some really fun presentation renderings and site layout design. We are also are in the midst of working on construction documents for an addition to Highlands Presbyterian Church in Ridgeland, Mississippi. This project is really exciting and close to my heart, having been raised in a home with a father who was a Presbyterian Minister. Having the opportunity to work on these types of projects, when it’s more than just the nuts and bolts of creating successful spaces for a client, is one of the great things about working at CDFL.

What is the best thing about working at CDFL?
Working here is great for many reasons. I enjoy being in Fondren (where I have lived since I was 12 years old), the people I get to work with, the diversity of the projects that I get to be a part of, and the relationships to my co-workers that continue to evolve. There is also, of course, free coffee… that might be most important.

What do you spend the most time doing outside of work?
I love hunting – deer, ducks, and dove; reading – historical fiction is my favorite; mountain biking; binge-watching movies and TV series; Crossfit; designing and coding websites; and my true passion: fishing.

What’s the last movie you saw?
Honestly, I see multiple movies a month, so it’s hard to decide how to answer this question. I recently saw “2 Guns” and thought it was pretty great. However, my love for both Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington likely has me biased.

How long have you worked for CDFL?
I started at CDFL in May of 2008, three weeks after my graduation from Mississippi State University. Before CDFL, I worked for another firm in Jackson beginning in 2006 through my graduation. I worked locally in the summers and during breaks, and remotely while at school. It enabled me to develop my skills in rendering, graphics, and presentations.

What is your favorite lunch spot in the neighborhood?
Definitely Lenny’s Sub Shop. There are lots of good places to eat in Fondren and maybe if all of the other restaurants had “Pepper Relish” like Lenny’s does, this would be a tougher decision. The stuff is on point.

What’s your favorite TV show?
This is an extremely difficult question that requires multiple answers.
Favorite TV show of the past: HBO’s The Wire.
Favorite shows currently airing: Homeland & Game of Thrones (BIG fan of the books)
Favorite shows to mindlessly waste 25 minutes with: How I Met Your Mother & Entourage
Favorite Mini-Series: HBO’s Band of Brothers (again, big fan of the book)
Favorite show that no one should know I have seen: Gossip Girl