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Meet the Team: Intern Addition

June 15, 2020

This summer we’re proud to have Tyler Kersh working with our architectural team! Tyler is from Flowood, MS, and attends Louisiana Tech University where he will be a senior this fall.

Where are you from?
I grew up in Flowood, MS and attended Northwest Rankin High School. I played baseball all through high school, and I was blessed to have the opportunity to play at Louisiana Tech University for two years. I am entering my final year in the undergraduate program for Architectural Studies.

What are you doing at CDFL this summer?
I have been given the great opportunity to be a summer intern here at CDFL. This gives me a chance to experience, first hand, what it is like to work within a firm. School is great and can be very helpful, but it is just as important for me to have real-life experiences to be better prepared to graduate and begin working. I am really appreciative to everyone for helping me feel welcomed so far.

Where are you going after you finish your internship?
I will be returning to Louisiana Tech to complete my final year of my undergraduate degree program. I plan to pursue a Master’s degree in Architecture afterwards. As far as plans for after college, I am not fully sure where or what I’d like to do, but I want to be able to help create more.

What have you learned so far working at CDFL?
I am learning a lot about Revit. We have not been exposed to using Revit daily in school like I have been here at CDFL. Everyone has been great in helping me understand the program. I have been through many different training/tutorial sessions that have given me a larger and deeper understanding of what exactly Revit is.

What’s your favorite TV show?
So most of the time when it comes to TV, I’m out of the loop on what is going on. What I do watch mostly, though, is sports documentaries. I have always enjoyed sports history, and I really enjoy watching or listening to people document such great feats in history. If I was just given one rainy afternoon with nothing to do, I would just sit on the couch and watch those ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries the whole time.

What do you spend the most time doing outside of work?
Being a former athlete, I try to stay active as much as possible, whether it be playing some sort of sport or just enjoying nature. Over the past two years, I have begun spending more time attempting to play disc golf, and I hope to create a club for it when returning to school in the fall.

What is the best thing about working at CDFL?
I think the people and the environment at CDFL have been the part that sticks out the most, so far. When I have a question or struggle, everyone has been very positive and supportive; I can tell that the knowledge and experience that I will gain this summer will be a fantastic complement to my existing skills.