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Meet the Team: Katie Browning

April 1, 2014

Each week we’ll introduce a member of the CDFL team, or as we like to think of ourselves, the “us” in the Power of Plus. This week we are proud to introduce architect Katie Lightsey.

How long have you worked for CDFL?

I began working for CDFL after graduating from Mississippi State and have worked here for six years.

What do you do at CDFL?

I am an architect and project manager, which means that I manage a project from its inception through its completion. I work directly with clients to determine what problems they are trying to address and what solutions will best solve those issues. The answers we arrive at often result in a building but may involve master planning, renovation work, reorganization of space allocation, or something else.

I work with a team of architects and engineers to design that solution and then work with a construction company to build it.

What is the best thing about working at CDFL?

My favorite part about working at CDFL is problem solving. I love working with clients and helping them to better program space. I also enjoy working with them to create environments that help them achieve their goals.

You never stop learning as an architect. Every client is new and different, and working with such a diverse group allows me the opportunity to learn about other professions. I also get to be creative in helping others achieve success by creating highly functional spaces for their use.

It’s really fun!

What do you spend the most time doing outside of work?

I really enjoy community service and am involved in several organizations that provide me with service opportunities around Jackson. When I’m not spending time with friends and family, I enjoy volunteering for those organizations.

Art is also a passion of mine and I enjoy collecting work by local artists. In fact, I also take drawing classes – not because I’m anticipating a career change – just for fun.

I play tennis competitively and spend any time I can traveling and seeing new places. I recently returned from an absolutely incredible trek all the way to Israel and Jordan.

What are the last movies you saw?

Dallas Buyers Club and Twelve Years a Slave – all that time on an airplane meant I had plenty of time to catch up on this year’s award-winning movies.

What’s your favorite TV show?

I don’t follow a lot of television shows, but I really like Downton Abbey, The Mindy Project, and Modern Family. I also love House Hunters International and am a sucker for anything on the History Channel or National Geographic.