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Project Update: St. Catherine’s Village

August 7, 2018

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Our work at  St. Catherine’s Village continues with an expansion and renovation of the current Skilled Care Nursing Facility and a new Central Mechanical Plant. Both projects are currently underway so we thought we’d check in and see what’s happening on site!

Skilled Nursing Facility – The Skilled Nursing Care project is an expansion and renovation of the Village’s existing Skilled Nursing Facility. The 59,000 SF expansion project will enable the existing and new facility to have all private rooms while also creating 4,000 SF of new rehab space, a new kitchen, and a new elevator for the existing facility.

Southwest view along length of expansion

Northeast view along length of expansion and steel framing for the second story going up. 

New entrance into the facility

View inside the rehabilitation center

Metal studs that will be used to frame the interior walls are on site. 

Central Mechanical Plant – The Central Mechanical Plant is under construction concurrently with the Skilled Nursing Facility. Phase 1 of the plant will feature two 350 ton chillers and associated pumps that will serve the Skilled Nursing Facility as well as a portion of the existing campus facilities. Once completed, the central mechanical plant will feature two additional 350 ton chillers and will serve St. Catherine’s entire campus. The centralization of campus chilled water production will allow St. Catherine’s to greatly reduce its energy consumption while still maintaining the level of comfort residents expect.

Like many buildings and campuses across the country, the mechanical infrastructure on the campus of St. Catherine’s Village is beginning to reach its expected lifespan. While the existing equipment has served its purpose well,  its reliability has waned in recent years. As St. Catherine’s administration began to consider options to replace or upgrade the mechanical infrastructure, CDFL’s engineers suggested that a central mechanical plant be explored in order to centralize campus chilled water production and maximize campus efficiency. CDFL engineers worked with St. Catherine’s staff to devise a plan that considered immediate and long-term needs, and gave the campus maximum benefit for its investment.

Central Mechanical Plant building slab.


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