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Fort Benning

CDFL’s Ft. Benning portfolio includes four outstanding projects: ATB/IET Complex, Warrior in Transition Barracks, Central Issue Facility, and Maneuver Center Headquarters. The firm provided full professional design services for the first three and HVAC and electrical engineering services on the Maneuver Center Headquarters.

The ATB/IET Complex, consisting of 280,000 SF in 13 buildings, is the cornerstone of CDFL’s work at the base. The complex provides housing, associated training, work facilities, and dining for troops. Additionally, the firm served as commissioning agent for the dining facility’s HVAC, lighting, domestic hot water, electrical and fire protection systems.

The Warrior in Transition Barracks has a unique and important function for the post. The facility is part of the Soldier Services Complex and provides housing for soldiers, injured in the line of duty, during the rehabilitation stage of their recovery. Careful consideration was taken during design to select interior finishes that create a tranquil environment through the use of therapeutic colors and textures. The facility includes rehabilitation areas and a Healing Garden for outdoor relaxation and therapy. The site and facility is designed to encourage individuals to engage with each other during the healing process. The five-story barracks can house up to 200 soldiers and can accommodate multiple levels of disability through the use of ADA (American with Disabilities Act) features such as lower counter tops, safety railings and accessible shower stalls for wheelchairs.

Sustainability is one of the primary focuses of design at Ft. Benning. CDFL used multiple design disciplines to ensure that all projects operate as energy efficient sustainable facilities. Several of the sustainable strategies include site development, water efficiency, energy efficiency, and sustainable materials and resources. All buildings are registered with the certification goal of LEED® Silver.

+ is a dynamic team working together

geneGene Crager, Project Architect
david-burnetDavid Burnet, Production
jesseJesse Browning, Electrical Engineer
Chris MyersChris Myers, Production
clark-wellsClark Wells, Landscape Architect

each project on base and number of buildings:

ATB/IET Complex: 13 Buildings

Warrior in Transition Barracks: 1 Building

Central Issue Facility: 1 Building

Maneuver Center Headquarters (MEP only): 1 Building

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Number of on-base projects


Number of years CDFL has worked on base


Number of square feet in the Central Issue Facility


Number of square feet in the Warrior in Transition Barracks Complex