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Fort Jackson

Ft. Jackson serves as one of the Army’s main training centers for Basic Training and in 2007 began renovating and constructing new living quarters for Soldiers. CDFL’s work at Ft. Jackson includes the design of two Training Barracks Complexes and renovation of a third totaling over 671,919 total square feet. For each project, CDFL provided a full range of design and engineering services

The Basic Training Complex is the workplace of enlisted men and women at Ft. Jackson. This project provided CDFL with multiple challenges: a tight budget, an undeveloped site requiring all new utilities, a variable, sloping site, and an aggressive schedule. CDFL created a design that provided an aesthetic facility with careful consideration for quality, durability, ease of maintenance and energy efficiency. Quality facilities convey the Army’s commitment to soldiers and support the retention of trainee personnel.

The BTC2 and BTC3 facilities are designed specifically for trainees. Due to the unique function of these buildings and the need for efficiency in training, these barracks are quite different from typical permanent party barracks facilities. For example, sleeping bays are utilized instead of individual private rooms and the first floor of each wing is dedicated for training purposes. These training spaces are covered open air and provide direct access to the courtyard and training pits.

CDFL also provided design services for the renovation of Building 4420 “Starship” Initial Entry Training Barracks. Building 4420 is a 291,162 square-foot concrete structure constructed in 1975. The facility was renovated in order to meet current building and energy codes, which required the building to be partially demolished, leaving only the concrete structure and roof. Exterior precast concrete panels and concrete block walls were removed and replaced with energy efficient construction. Exterior walls received additional insulation to increase the energy efficiency of the building.

Joint Venture with B.L. Harbert International

+ is a dynamic team working together

geneGene Crager, Project Architect
david-burnetDavid Burnet, Architect/LEED
jesseJesse Browning, Electrical Engineer
Clark_WellsClark Wells, Landscape Architect

Basic Training Complex Features

Barracks Housing up to 228 Soldiers

Sleeping Areas




Covered Training

Company Operations Components

Spotlight on Sustainability

BTC3 received LEED® Silver Certification

BTC2 registered with the goal of LEED® Silver Certified

Starship registered with the certification goal of LEED® Silver

BTC2 MEP Features: by the numbers


Feet of pre-insulated piping used for distribution of heating and chilled water


Feet of new overhead primary electrical service


Feet of gas main


Feet of water main


Feet of underground tele/comm systems