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As the workplace evolves and technology allows us to conduct business from beyond the confines of our cubicles, non-traditional office spaces have become a more viable option for small businesses and entrepreneurs alike. Less expensive than a permanent office location but more dynamic than your home office, co-working spaces are popping up across the country and CDFL is proud to have partnered with Mantle to bring Jackson, Mississippi’s Fondren neighborhood its first office space of this kind.

Located in the historic Duling School, the team wanted to repurpose as much of the original school’s features as possible. Original millwork, cabinets, and lockers from the Duling School were repurposed and incorporated into the new design.

CDFL worked with the Mantle team on the brainstorming and vision for Mantle’s design, including furniture selection. Our team was responsible for space planning, repurposing the old teachers’ cabinets as cafe and lounge space millwork; and designing the reception desk. Additionally, CDFL provided code information and designed the space’s restrooms.

+ is a dynamic team working together

katie-jo-collinsKatie Jo Collins, Interior Designer

by the numbers


Full-privacy solo-preneur offices including lockable offices with filing cabinets


Partial-private booths for having more intimate business conversations


High-tech small conference rooms equipped with wireless mirroring on a 65-inch flat screen


1,000 square feet sit, pop, and start, open-concept classrooms


1,000 square feet lounge area


High-tech large conference room equipped with wireless mirroring on two 65-inch flat screen and video conferencing

“We needed a team that understood design holistically – beyond paint colors and wall placements. The team at CDFL was able to provide a combination of youth and experience to our project that would allow the fresh-out-of-college coder to enjoy his office just as much as the strike-out-on-my-own veteran. The CDFL team was able to leverage their seasoned shop’s experience and create a vision of a new workspace that is equal parts fun, hustle, and professionalism.”

– Christopher Lomax, Mantle Founder