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Mississippi State University Renovation of Wise Center Laboratories, College of Veterinary Medicine

CDFL was hired to renovate COBRE lab space to create an area that would promote team building and collaboration for the program’s junior investigators and their lab groups. The existing lab space on the 2nd floor had not been renovated since its construction in the late 1970s. The space, designated as BSL-2, features an open layout in the work area and provides users with research space forcell culture and microbial culture procedures.

The project provided the laboratory with new lab benches, casework, biosafety cabinets, sinks, hazardous material storage cabinets, and safety stations. Electrical and communications infrastructure were also upgraded to support the space’s new layout and new equipment. Additionally, in an effort to meet the needs of the research space’s users and reduce energy consumption, CDFL provided new lighting. Distribution for all lab gases and plumbing utilities were modified for both ease of access and maintenance.

The laboratory’s increased equipment head load and current air change requirements meant that the space also saw the installation of a new air-handling unit. This new dedicated unit features high-efficiency fans and provisions for energy recovery. The HVAC renovations in this project rendered the existing dual duct system unnecessary.

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newell-watkinsNewell Watkins, Architect
ron-fenderRon Fender, Electrical Engineer

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