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NCBC Katrina Recap Package 4A, 22nd Command & Control Center
Naval Construction Battalion Center

The renovation and new construction work at the Naval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC) in Gulfport, Mississippi, was part of repairs resulting from Hurricane Katrina. The CDFL team conducted field investigations and facility condition assessments and provided scope of work statements and cost estimates for the renovations.

5 facilities were included in the project:

1. Fire Station

(Renovation & Addition) This significant addition was designed to match the existing facility and the exterior envelope was preserved. The interior was gutted and rebuilt with updated vehicle bays, living areas, offices and dining room for the fire rescue crew

2. NEX Facility

(Renovation & Addition) was constructed to house the main retail facilities on the base.

3. Training Hall

(New) was constructed for assembly and meeting functions on the base

4. Security Complex

(New) was constructed to house the base police force and dispatch operations. The Security Operations Building was designed to blend into the administration complex area by using the same materials for the form of the new structures under construction within the complex.

5. 22nd Command & Control Facility

(New) provides 20,330 square feet of operational and administrative space for the 22nd Naval Construction Regiment.

+ is a dynamic team working together

david-burnetDavid Burnet, Architect/LEED
Matthew_BuchananMatthew Buchanan, Production
jesseJesse Browning, Electrical Engineer

Additional Design Features:

Classified documents vaults

Electronic access control system for exterior and interior doors

Redundant air handling system provided at mission critical areas

Generator to serve hvac and lighting at mission critical areas

NIPR, SIPR and SCIF telecommunications systems

LEED Silver Certifiable

All facilities are AT/FP compliant per UFC 4-010-01

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construction cost


total square feet


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energy savings below ASHRAE 90.1