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Puckett Machinery Headquarters

Puckett Machinery, the sole sales and maintenance provider for Caterpillar in central and southern Mississippi, values customer service. So when Puckett decided to relocate their facility, they reached out to CDFL to design and create a facility with the customer foremost in mind.

To do this, CDFL designed a headquarters with large-scale open spaces. Sweeps of glass were positioned to allow maximum controlled daylight into employee and customer spaces for a more pleasant and healthy environment. To further enhance the customer experience, CDFL matched exposed steel, concrete and industrial-inspired lighting with warm woods to evoke strength and warmth.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of the design was streamlining Puckett’s facility to allow for customers to engage in equipment maintenance when needed. By understanding the sequence of Puckett’s maintenance operation, CDFL designed a service department to increase efficiency and collaboration.

Photography by Shannon Sheridan

+ is a dynamic team working together

robertRob Farr, Principal in Charge
david-burnetDavid Burnet, Architect
geneGene Crager, Project Architect
Chris_MyersChris Myers, Architect
Katie_Jo_ChaneKatie Jo Chane, Interior Designer
jesseJesse Browning, Electrical Engineer
clark-wellsClark Wells, Landscape Architect
“We are very pleased with the project. To be honest, CDFL has exceeded our expectations thus far. They have done a great job while under a constant load of pressure. I feel confident the finished product will be one we’ll all be proud of.”

– Hastings Puckett, President of Puckett Machinery

associated awards


Honor Award – American Institute of Architects Mississippi Chapter Awards


Sambo Mockbee Award – American Institute of Architects Mississippi Chapter Awards