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Redstone Arsenal

Located in Huntsville, Alabama, the Rotary Wing Hangar is a design-build project for a 126,278 sf hangar and administrative facility. The hangar is designed to the specific requirements of the Redstone Test Center (RTC) – previously the ATTC of Ft. Rucker – and includes administrative offices, aviation operations, testing areas, and parts storage and technology shops co-located within one facility. The development maintains a comfortable and useful environment for both administrative, fabrication, and testing functions for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.

Using a bi-level high bay roof structure, the hangar is designed to offer the maximum possible flexibility for the user to accommodate a variety of aircraft types. The hangar high bay space simultaneously accommodates four (4) CH-47s with overlapping service areas for two (2) C-27Js or two (2) Gulfstream 550s) and, in the lower-level high-bay, six (6) UH-60s (with overlapping service areas for three (3) AH-64s and four (4) OH-58s. Unique aspects of the project include four (4) 3-ton overhead bridge cranes, flex-life line safety cables, AFFF fire suppression system, emergency power, secured vault and access floor areas.

Construction included an open bay, large span steel frame, drilled pier and spread footing foundations, split-face cmu veneer, metal wall panel, and standing seam metal roof. The overall 75-acre site development consists of 18.7 acres of aircraft hardstand area, three taxiways, government and personal vehicle parking, water mains, gas extension, sanitary sewers, storm lines, and bio-pond remediation systems.

+ is a dynamic team working together

geneGene Crager, Project Manager
david-burnetDavid Burnet, Architect/LEED
jesseJesse Browning, Electrical Engineer
Clark_WellsClark Wells, Landscape Architect

Hangar and HQ: By the Numbers


Total square feet


Square feet of high bay spaces


Square feet of office space


Square feet of maintenance shop


Acre site

Post-occupancy Review

The feedback from the base has been overwhelmingly positive. The base is pleased with the quality of materials and workmanship on the project, and the US Army Corps of Engineers recognized the Design-Build Team with an Outstanding Performance Rating on this project.

Environmental Focus:

The project is located on previously undeveloped land that is home to a watershed that feeds the habitat of a known endangered species – the Alabama Cave shrimp. Protection of the Alabama Cave Shrimp was paramount, and was accomplished by using a network of bioremediation ponds. Other environmentally conscientious design features include bicycle racks for visitors and employees, and measures to reduce the use of potable water. Additionally, native plants were chosen for landscaping, and low flow fixtures were used throughout the facility. Inside, materials were chosen that have low emissions of volatile organic compound and storefront windows provide outside views.

Hangar Total Savings:


Total Water Savings


Energy Use Reduction


Regional Materials Used


Construction Waste Diverted


Recycled Content