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St. Catherine’s Village Tuscany Hall

The Tuscany project is an expansion and renovation of the Village’s existing Skilled Nursing Facility. The 59,000 SF expansion project will enable the existing and new facility to have all private rooms while also creating 4,000 SF of new rehab space, a new kitchen, and a new elevator for the existing facility.

The addition allows for handicap-accessible private rooms with private full baths which are situated in a “household model.” Each household occupies one floor of the three-story building and serves eighteen residents.

The household model, widely recognized among skilled nursing homes, decreases overstimulation of the residents, promotes a less institutionalized “feel” to the nursing home, and allows residents to be more easily orientated to the nursing home. These models have relatively small numbers of residents per “household” and allow these residents to have more mobility as their daily tasks of living are self-contained within each household. These models also decrease a resident’s feeling of loneliness or helplessness with being in a nursing home. Finally, the household model also allows St. Catherine’s to provide a more individualized care plan for residents.

+ is a dynamic team working together

rob_farrRob Farr, Principal in Charge
robert_farrRobert Farr, Architect
ben_fultonBen Fulton, Mechanical Engineer
david_luterDavid Luter, Mechanical Engineer
ron_fenderRon Fender, Electrical Engineer
katie_jo_chaneKatie Jo Chane, Interior Design
hannah_wilsonHannah Wilson, Interior Design
clark_wellsClark Wells, Landscape Design

Design Spotlight

At the core of the Tuscany tower is the neighborhood. Centrally located in close proximity to the resident rooms the neighborhood is comprised of four areas: Living Room, Dining Room, Nurses Desk/Office and Kitchen.