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The University of Mississippi Insight Park Scale Up Laboratory

Located at the University of Mississippi’s 19-acre Insight Park, the Scale Up Lab is an important component of the research and business facility. Insight Park provides an opportunity for thought leaders in a multitude of fields to participate in a dynamic research collaborative and take advantage of joint research endeavors, academic resources, and more. The Scale Up Lab is located within the first building built at the park, known as the Innovation Building. The Innovation Building provides researchers and startup companies with laboratory and office space.

The Scale Up Lab was built to accommodate many types of research provides maximum flexibility for its occupants. It can be scaled up or down, depending on the needs of the researcher and the research being performed. The flexible casework allows for laboratory furniture to be easily moved and different-sized equipment to be brought in when necessary.

The space includes a quality control lab and a large scale up instrumentation lab along with office space, procedure room, and chemical storage room. The lab’s design allows for maximized natural light and site views. In order to keep the space warm and inviting while accommodating light-sensitive studies, individual shade controls were installed.

+ is a dynamic team working together

robertRob Farr, Principal in Charge / Architect
Katie_BrowningKatie Browning, Architect

Additional Lab Features

– 2 large scale fume hoods

– 1 walk-in hood

– Elephant trunks

– Emergency eye and shower wash

– Purified water system

– Separate lighting control

– Occupancy sensors

Floor Plan