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What We’re Reading on the Web

October 11, 2013

What We're Reading

As usual, we’ve read the Internet cover-to-cover* and rounded up some of the most interesting reads out there for your perusal. Enjoy!

Ready to feel intimidated while simultaneously being wowed by beautiful design? Check out Slate’s tour of the World’s Most Intimidating Boardrooms.

There’s an app for that! Architizer has compiled a list of handy architecture apps.

The Pic du Midi Observatory is home to the highest museum in Europe, located on stunning mountaintop, and looks like a Bond villain’s evil lair. Basically, you have to see these pictures.

If you come across an infographic about the most-visited websites per country and there is a weekly feature on your blog directing people to interesting links, then you have to share it. So, here it is: the most visited websites per country. It’s very meta.

From ArchDaily: Controversy surrounding Japan’s 2020 Olympic Stadium is coming to a head as Pritzker Prize laureate Fumihiko Maki has rallied other Japanese architects to protest the project. Tomorrow’s “Re-thinking the New National Olympic Stadium in the historical context of Gaien” will be live-streamed on the web.

Enjoy the reads and your weekend!